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Average Joes squeak out Old-Timers win
Centertown Old-Timers at bat1.jpg
Derrick Watwood gives it all he’s got when it was his turn at bat. - photo by Art Larson
Centertown Old-Timers running.jpg
Jacob George made a mad dash for first base after sending a blast into the outfield. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

It was the Average Joes versus the Rock Stars in Saturday’s Old-Timers Softball Game at Centertown during Fourth of July activities.

Being ordinary inspired the members of Average Joes to give it their all, which was just enough to beat the Rock Stars by a score of 13-12. 

“Winning is always good,” said Justin Grissom, Average Joes coach. “They put up a good game. Right at the end I was beginning to have some doubts on our victory. One last out was all we needed.”

In the seventh inning, the game was 13-5 in favor of the Average Joes. The Rock Stars added seven runs to their score in an offensive explosion to cut the lead to 1. 

However, they were unable to hold momentum. A third and final out was recorded by the Average Joes and the game was over.

“It was a good game,” said Jeremy Barks, Rock Stars coach. “It was all just for fun, but we gave it our best.”

When asked what happened to the energy that fizzled away after scoring seven runs in the seventh, Barks jokingly added, “The ibuprofen and Geritol wore off. When that happened, we were done.”

The Old-Timers Softball Game was open to all ages and was co-ed.