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Austin to step away from Jaycee league
Labor of love spans nearly 30 years
Longtime Jaycee Basketball organizer, supporter and all-around great guy Darrell Austin watches the Jaycee games last Saturday. Austin is getting ready to retire after 29 years of doing the logistics necessary so kids can play basketball for the Jaycee teams.
Readers can keep up with Jaycee basketball in the Southern Standard. Many children play on the numerous teams, usually 50 to 75 every year. Logistically, it takes dedication, commitment and a willingness to work for, well … free.One such person, McMinnville resident Darrell Austin, has been working diligently for the Jaycee program for almost three decades, and says it’s about time for him to train his replacement.“It’s given back to me as much or more than I’ve given to it,” Austin said.