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Aaron's Heat and Air puts chill on Evolution, 5-4
Aarons Heat and Airs Makayla Cagle hits during tournament play this week. Aarons moved into the first championship game slot after defeating team Evolution on Tuesday.

Two powerhouses slugged it out Tuesday to decide who gets into the tournament finals and who has to take the long road in the loser’s bracket.
In four innings with some of the most skilled and talented players going head to head, Aaron’s Heat and Air defeated Evolution for the second time this year, 5-4 sending Aaron’s to the finals and Evolution on the trail to again play their nemesis in the girls 10-12 youth league.
Now Evolution will play Southern Girls to see who will face the Heat and Air team for the championship.
With Aaron’s burning the midnight oil in practice sessions, they came ready to send a message to team Evolution, go big or go home. With their first at bats, Ceilee Gudat, Makayla Cagle and Lexi Lafever all scored runs for Aaron’s for a 3-0 early jump.
Not so fast, said team Evolution, as they in turn sent three home themselves to tie the game 3-3 with Christa Cowan, Dallis Melton and Ebonie Ross returning the favor, tacking on 3 runs in the bottom of the first.
Both teams’ D stood strong in the second as neither team scored.
It would be a third-inning decider that made all the difference as Gudat and Emma Johnson put up 2 more runs for Aaron’s making it 5-3 and, with team Evolution coming up in the bottom of the inning, Aaron’s Heat and Air had to put the freeze on the scoring of Evolution.
Evolution did score, as Melton crossed home to make it a 1-run ballgame at 5-4 but Aaron’s discipline paid off as they ended the inning only giving up one.
And with both teams’ defenses standing strong through the fourth inning allowing no runs, the game went to Aaron’s which will have to wait and see who its opponent will be.