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When business isn't wanted
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If you’re using a florist in Georgia, better make sure the card doesn’t say: To Mike, From Larry.I stumbled on an interesting report on CNN yesterday afternoon from Jeff Davis County, Ga. In traveling around to the five different florists in that community, it was found they don’t want any business from the gay community. In fact, flower shop representatives went so far as to say they would deny service to customers if they discovered they were gay.The CNN report was triggered by Georgia’s proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is swirling around the legislature in that state. The law would make it OK for businesses to discriminate against people based on their sexual preferences.“I would respectfully tell them I don’t want to do it because of my beliefs,” said flower shop employee Melissa Jeffcoat, who went on to say she thinks homosexuality is a bad sin.Jennifer Williams, who works at another flower shop, said she would also be quick to refuse service to gay couples.