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We live in a global world
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Common sense and love of country dictate that air travel to the United States from the West African Ebola hot-zone nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone be suspended until the highly contagious, highly lethal Ebola outbreak is over. That's obvious. Thousands of travel visas issued by the U.S. to nationals in these same countries should be canceled. That's obvious, too.
But President Obama isn't taking such obvious measures to safeguard the American people. On the contrary, the administration is doing nothing to prevent Ebola from entering this country, even after the first case erupted on American soil in a Liberian tourist named Thomas Eric Duncan. Last month, Duncan, knowingly exposed to Ebola himself, traveled to Dallas from Monrovia, Liberia, with layovers in Brussels and Washington, D.C. Now, he is in an isolation ward in a Dallas hospital as health officials scramble to monitor 100 people Duncan came into contact with for signs of the killer virus.
The White House response? The Daily Caller's headline says it all: "White House: We Won't Stop People From the Ebola-Stricken Countries from Coming to the U.S."
Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Tom Frieden stated on Twitter: "The impulse to isolate countries may make #Ebola epidemic worse. Must use tried & true public health means to stop it."
That sounds as if he's talking about after Ebola arrives here unimpeded. Which makes me wonder: Is this the method to this globalist madness? The CDC director stated further: "The big picture is that the U.S. #Ebola case is a reflection of the epidemic in W. Africa. We'll stop it here." Bring it on?
Any mother whose child has brought home the latest stomach flu from school because sick little Billy's parents didn't isolate him at home knows this approach makes no sense -- if, that is, the idea is to stop the contamination of the other members of the class.
Conservatives have been quick to blame "political correctness" for the Obama administration's welcome mat for Ebola cases, but the problem more precisely defined is this global outlook. To the globalist, nations count only as members of the collective. Love of country is subordinated to the needs of the not-so-new world order.
 Thus, no travel ban. This came through loud and clear at a recent White House press conference.
"We live in a global world, and what we're confident that we can do is to both protect the safety of the traveling public and ... protect the broader American public by rigorously applying the kind of medical protocols that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control," said White House spokesman John Earnest.
Operative phrase: We live in a global world. Take cover.
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