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It's all in the stats
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Calling all statisticians.
I was surprised to learn there wasn’t much of a system in place for sports statistics for football and other organized sports. I am a self-confessed computer/gadget geek I admit it freely. I enjoy programming using Visual Studio or working with algorithms to solve a computing solution. I even remember I took a class in college they actually call statistics. So imagine my surprise to find out statistics are like the Zika virus in Warren County … nobody wants anything to do with it, that and any movie with Nicholas Cage in it.
George Bernard Shaw once said “It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics.”
I quite agree, mainly because I am moved – constantly - up and down the sidelines of the football game each week keeping up with who runs where and how far.
I really do enjoy statistics. For one thing, not many successful endeavors can be completed without a few statistics to light the way ahead. If you were an astronaut, you might want to know your chances of the chute deploying upon reentry. If it was 50/50 you might reconsider your career choice.
Before you think I’m complaining about mine, I only do the statistics for the football team. I kind of feel sometimes that might be like putting the mouse in charge of the cheese since I write the articles using these statistics but hey, I’m not complaining. Rather, I think about the many other sports teams both elementary and high school, hence the call for all statisticians interested in sports. If you’re in the math club, or just like keeping up with how your own team is doing and want someone to know about it, send me an email –
As the new sports writer I want to open up a line of communication with all the schools, coaches, scorekeepers and maybe even a statistician or two. Let’s use this 21st century technology to facilitate the dissemination of information of sports statistics … it will be a blast!