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Spring sports begin
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Spring is in the air!
Well, technically it is still winter, but combine the nice, warm 70-degree weather along with the fact many of the spring sports teams are taking to the practice field and it sure seems like spring.
I’ve had some interesting surprises along my discovery trail too. For one, we have a really good girls rugby team at the high school. I went to a practice for a preseason piece about rugby – I’ve only begun my “Rugby for Dummies” book – and there were 30 Lady Pioneer rugby players on the field at Bobby Ray.
Not only that, they looked like they were having fun … go figure. The team also won a state title last year so they’re good to boot. Whatever coach George Smartt is doing over there to recruit players, maybe he could slip it under the door to the football coach. Just like they always did on one of my favorite shows “The X Files” where agent Mulder would always get the information on a piece of paper slid under his basement door or tucked away in his newspaper.
I was hoping I could tuck the roster to the tennis team in the newspaper, but it is as elusive as the aliens Mulder searched for. The high school website still has the 2014 coach … and no roster. I’m sure when the coach gets back in town he’ll send one.
I’ve even heard from my sources – the Lone Gunmen – other teams don’t want to show up to play our girls because they’re just that tough. They’re much like the 1970s Philadelphia Flyers, aka the Broad Street Bullies, who changed many rules in hockey by their aggressive style of play, won two Stanley Cups in ’73 and ’74, and had the Russians walk off the ice in the ’76 Flyers-Red Army game in protest.
The Russians went back on the ice reluctantly after they were told they wouldn’t get paid if they didn’t. They lost 4-1.
Besides hockey, I used to play tennis in high school. I went to get some photos at the Civic Center which was good, but saw the court conditions, which were not. Having spent high school up north, the surface of the tennis court looks like the New Jersey turnpike. For those of you who haven’t had that pleasure, just think of the roads in a World War II movie after a bombing run.
I keep hearing about an indoor pool and a skateboard park, how about fixing the tennis courts? I haven’t heard anything about that. Of course I didn’t know Boyd Christian School was playing at home Thursday night either so I’m definitely not at the top of the information dissemination list for sports or sports-related information. I have to say, often I feel like I’m on an X-File trying to track down sports information here in Warren County sometimes.
I hope I have better luck than agent Mulder.