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The Scoop 5-26
Take two! Movie filming on the way
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It's time to add some white to our smiles and make sure our hair is just right. Warren County is about to be the backdrop for another movie.
Director Brittany Goodwin has announced her third movie "If You're Gone" will be filmed around our community. Local residents even have a chance to land a role in this film alongside some Hollywood professionals when auditions are held Saturday, June 3. If you missed the story on Wednesday's front page, those auditions will be held at 115 West Court Square beginning at 10 a.m.
The last time we had a fairly major movie filmed in Warren County was in 2007 for a film that was originally called "Tenebrous." It featured martial arts expert Brad Thornton as the lead actor, along with Costas and Louis Mandylor.
Auditions were held at what was then Capalanos, now Collins River BBQ. I remember talking to people who had driven for hours to try for a part in the movie. The restaurant was packed with hopefuls.
For the three weeks "Tenebrous" was filmed here, movie officials pretty much ran the town. They were able to get Main Street blocked off and closed to traffic on several occasions. They took over the library and Chamber of Commerce when scenes were shot there.
They had a team of firefighters waiting at their disposal for the climatic final scene when they burned down a barn. They even got someone to agree to let them burn down their barn.
It was the first time I realized folks will do nearly anything if they think they have a chance to see themselves on screen. Today, we see how that mindset has extended to Facebook and other social media sites where people have tossed aside rational behavior all for the chance of being seen for a few seconds on YouTube.
As for the movie "Tenebrous," it had its named changed to "The Cursed" during post-production and is still lingering out there in some streaming services like Amazon. Due to what I would consider extremely sloppy editing, the finished product was an absolute mess.
In one scene the female lead walks in to discover her father has been brutally slain by the monster that's stalking the down. Moments later, she decides it's time to get hot and heavy with her boyfriend, not exactly a natural transition.
That concludes our history lesson for the day and brings us to the upcoming filming of "If You're Gone." This is without a doubt thrilling news for McMinnville.
It's yet another way our town is gaining positive exposure. It's a way for us to get noticed by a much wider audience outside of Middle Tennessee
Just like tourists want to see the San Francisco home where "Full House" was filmed, we're seeing more visitors in Warren County as people are eager to see Cumberland Caverns, home of the Bluegrass Underground concert series.
Having a movie filmed in our town is sure to generate excitement and attract visitors. I like it.
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