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The Scoop 5-19
It matters who runs our county
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There are several things to like about the appointment of our newest Warren County commissioner on Monday might.
For starters, Richard Grissom is a fine choice. He emerged from a field of four strong candidates to get the nod after two rounds of voting. I think he will do a quality job serving the county.
Second, I really appreciate the fact four candidates expressed interest in the 3rd District seat that was vacated when Ken Martin moved out of the district. In the most recent election involving Warren County commissioners in 2014, there were seats that were "won" by people who were running without opposition. That level of apathy is disappointing.
The 24 members who serve on the Warren County Commission have a leadership role in the community. It stands to reason we will get better leaders if we have more choices.
Electing someone because they are the only name on the ballot doesn't serve our county well. It's hard to get the best and brightest when we don't have a choice.
With the next county election approaching just over a year away in August of 2018, it's my hope the three candidates who didn't receive the nomination Monday night continue their quest to serve. I understand running in an election is an entirely different process than trying to get appointed in one night, but perhaps that won't serve as a deterrent for these potential candidates and others.
Regardless of your political views, I think most of us can agreed the early stages of Donald Trump's presidency has taught us one thing. It does matter who we elect to office.
This is not to suggest members of the Warren County Commission are going to be leaking top-secret intelligence to the Russians, but it does make a difference in our community.
If I was to evaluate our County Commission and identify its mission over the past 15 years, I would say that mission has been to keep taxes as low as possible. That's a noteworthy missions, and as a taxpayer it is one I applaud.
If there's a deficiency to this strategy it's that county government doesn't seem to have a vision for making our community a better place to live. It will fund school projects when there's a dire need, but the county has no real direction, other than to never raise taxes.
Elections are a great way to change course and inject new blood, new passion, into a governing body. But that can only happen if there are new candidates willing to seek office.
I'm glad to see Richard Grissom filling a seat in the 3rd District and I'm pleased to see interest from four people in serving. With any luck, that interest will remain next year.
Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.