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The Scoop 10-27
White supremacy groups a stain
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I'm curious what these white supremacy groups hope to achieve.
They are scheduled to rally this Saturday in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, much to the dismay of many local residents in those cities. The scary thing, as one Shelbyville resident points out, is these groups could have as easily picked McMinnville as a rally site. When compared to Shelbyville, we are remarkably similar in terms of our demographics.
What I'm wondering is if these white supremacy groups had their way and Congress adopted policies that catered to their demeaning demands, what kind of nation would America be?
I guess the first step would be to segregate our schools. White people would attend specific schools, while Hispanics, blacks and other minorities would be forced to go elsewhere.
I guess under their plan there would be shows at the Park Theater that would be open only to white people. No minorities would be allowed through the door.
Magness Library would be for white people only. Any minority would be forbidden from checking out a book.
When shopping, most of the cash registers would be reserved for white people. All minorities would be confined to using just one register that's specifically designated for them.
At restaurants, minorities would have their own dining room and they would never, ever be allowed to enter the dining room of the white man. The best seats at every concert would be reserved for white people. Minorities, if allowed in at all, would be stuck in the back.
This sort of thinking is an embarrassment and it's sad to see there are people in America who are still willing to hold rallies and stand on street corners to proclaim superiority to others only because of their skin.
I fully realize racial discrimination exists in this country, but waving flags and holding signs in support of it is brazen bigotry. It's difficult to believe people can be so simple-minded.
In my blink of an eye on this earth, my experience has been there are high achievers and there are troublemakers in any race. I can honestly say some of the most worthless, do-nothing people I've ever meet are white Americans. And, in stark contrast, some of the most brilliant people I've ever meet are white Americans.
"Folks is folks." That's one of the memorable lines from the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird."
I don't see how we make progress as a nation by continuing to divide and degrade people who are living here and are guilty of nothing more than having a different type of skin.
If Hispanics were to hold such a rally Saturday in Shelbyville people would laugh at the absurdity of their short-sighted intellect. White supremacists should receive the same treatment.
Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.