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St. Clair shares phrase origins
st clair

A new column that examines the origins of popular phrases will be appearing on Sundays in the Southern Standard.

It’s written by local resident Stan St. Clair, who is the critically acclaimed author of 20 books.

“I spent nine years researching these books,” said St. Clair, who has been a McMinnville resident since 1977. “In some cases, I was able to prove preconceived notions about popular phases incorrect. I dug deep into the origins.”

St. Clair has a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Covington Theological Seminary in Rossville, Ga. He studied creative writing while a student at Tennessee State University.

St. Clair says if you think about language, it’s astounding how many clichés we use in every day conversation. “Take the bull by the horns,” “Cardinal rule,” and “Your name is mud” are three examples.

St. Clair said one common phrase is “Me Tarzan, You Jane.” It’s used when a man is trying to lay claim to a woman.

However, St. Clair said the phrase never appeared in any Tarzan movies or Tarzan books. Rather, it was spoken by Tarzan star Johnny Weissmuller during a June 1932 interview where he discussed how little acting he had to do for the role.