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Some perfume can be overpowering
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“I’m not saying your perfume is too strong. I am saying the canary was alive before you showed up.”

When I first read that statement, I laughed so hard. It’s amazingly accurate for some people. I truly wish some of them would tone it down a notch or two. Some apparently love to douse themselves in perfume. I mean douse. It’s almost to the point where they’ve bathed in it. So much so, that it leaves a cloud of fragrance drifting in their wake.

Once, I walked by a woman in the store and her perfume was so strong the smell about knocked me over. Her husband seemed to be oblivious to it. His sense of smell probably died years ago. Another time, I got within eight or nine feet of a woman and that was all it took. I walked right into the invisible cloud she left trailing behind her.

Back a few years ago, I was asked to join one of those group trips. Seemed like a sweet deal at the time. With 60 people, everything was included for one reasonable price – bus, hotel, dinner, breakfast. I readily jumped on that bus and found myself wishing I hadn’t.

This one woman had to reapply her hairspray and perfume every time the bus stopped. Every time! Did she step off the bus as a courtesy to the rest of us? No. Sitting right there in the midst of 59 other people who were trying to breathe, she filled the air with aerosol hairspray and perfume. Good grief!

My best friend in high school loved this perfume that, if memory serves, was called Exclamation. It lived up to the name. She loved it so much that, when she stopped smelling it, she would reapply it. I couldn’t seem to get it through to her that the smell was still there, even if she couldn’t tell it. I finally banned it from my car.

I’ve met one man who was just as crazy about cologne. He bathed in it. He said he loved the smell. Don’t know why. It wasn’t good at all. Needless to say, my time around him was limited.

I don’t wear perfume myself. I don’t felt the need. Everything – underarm deodorant, soap, shampoo, condition – has perfume in it. Why add more to that concoction of smells? Wearing perfume is a bit unnecessary, in my opinion.

I’d prefer my children not stink up my house with their perfume/cologne either. As a general rule, they step outside and put it on. When they walk back in, it’s not bad. It’s that initial spray that’s so overpowering. I had a co-worker say that she accidently forgot to put it on that morning – her excuse for stinking up the office with it.

Maybe I’m overly sensitive to perfume smells. If that be the case, maybe I owe that woman in the store an apology, because I walked by her holding my nose. I didn’t want to risk joining the canary.

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