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Simmons Says - Step up student section
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Twice last week, the Pioneers were in district dogfights on their homecourt. A shot at hanging a banner in the rafters of Charlie Dalton Gym was in the balance, and both times Warren County needed fourth-quarter boosts.

Perched on the baseline during the pressure-packed moments of both games (the Pioneers came back to defeat White County, but lost to Stone Memorial Friday), I didn’t find myself wondering what play coach Chris Sullens would draw up. I wasn’t already working up the headline for what hero would possibly emerge.

All I could think was, it’s really quiet. Too quiet.

Let me get on my high horse real quick here. I’m about to tell you about back in my day.

The last time the Pioneers were playing at the pace they are now, and rolling up wins at the rate this bunch is currently, Doug Keil and his suspenders were roaming the sidelines and the “Front Row Bros” were creating one of the best home-court advantages in the Midstate. That run-and-gun team, led by Matt Cotten, Jeff Chisam, Scott Dunham and Randal Harrell, was much like the one gracing Charlie Dalton Gym right now. And I was in the front row cheering them on.

Those crowds were crazy. They were loud. They were impactful from the time the teams took the court for warmups until the final buzzer. When it was time to hit the road, buses would shuttle the Front Row Bros to games to cheer on Warren County.

This current squad deserves that same kind of passionate following, but during two pivotal district games last week, people could’ve carried on a conversation across the court.

That kind of silence makes a home team tight. Every missed shot met with silence makes the rim seem smaller. Every time the deficit swells larger, the silence can become suffocating.

Before I become public enemy No. 1 for the Warren County administration, let me make it clear I’m not asking students be profane. They don’t even have to yell, “sucks” really loud in pregame. Chanting “De-fense” *clap, clap*, “Defense” just once would be refreshing. If the students want to get adventurous, there’s hundreds of clean, concise and impactful chants that are a Google search away.

I urge our student section to step up to the challenge and make senior night against Cookeville – a game that could impact the winner of the district – deafening. Show up early and make yourself heard.
Just don’t yell at me.