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Simmons Says - Calling for loud students

Leave the jerseys at home. There’s no use for throwing toilet paper. Whatever other gimmicks are in store, shelve them for a week. 

For once, I think the lone mission for the Warren County High School student section should be to be as loud as possible for 64 minutes when Charlie Dalton Gym opens Tuesday night.

If there’s one story I tell every year in this space – aside from my love for Kawhi Leonard – it’s about my time as a Front Row Bro. Back in the early 2000s, Warren County had one of the best home-court advantages in the state. I was right in the middle, proudly sporting my Bros shirt and shouting my support of the Pioneers.

Fast-forward to Thursday night and I was sitting on the baseline assuming there was another Silent Night planned and I wasn’t aware. In a close girls game (and a not-so-close boys game), a large student section did little to affect the game.

The only chant I can pretty much predict at any Pioneer game is a “We want…” and fill-in-the-blank on the bench player who is the flavor of the night. One I probably won’t hear is “De-fense.” Forget hearing a “nuts and bolts” chant, it’s been shelved (and I want it back). 

There are 100s of students at the game most nights. And their impact can be felt, if they actually wanted to be loud. 

It doesn’t take a chant leader to know you should be making noise when the other team is shooting free throws. It takes two claps to start a chant for defense. This isn’t hard. 

I know the games in Warren County have turned into social events. And that’s fine – to each their own. But it wouldn’t hurt to get behind the Pioneers and Lady Pioneers, who generally put a good product on the court that deserves more, and louder, support.

Tuesday’s matchup against Stone Memorial is the first district game of the season. It’s really important.

It would be nice for the Panthers and Lady Panthers to be met by a wall of sound each time they try to shoot. Maybe it’s the difference in a close game. Those 100s of students are make-shift sixth men. 

I’m encouraging all those passionate fans to flood Twitter in mass and rally the troops. I’ve seen, and interacted, with those social media accounts. They’re awesome. 

The only problem is being loud and vocal on Twitter doesn’t matter when everybody is packed in a gym. Between now and Tuesday, maybe think of a few chants to bring to the table.

Because if our gym isn’t loud, we’ll be hearing a chant like the one that came from the Coffee County side late in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s game – “This is our house.”

I know I heard it, even if many of the Warren County students didn’t. They had already left.