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Simmons Says - Bucket list for sports

This isn’t an exciting time for sports fans. The dog days of summer are usually better spent on the beach than the ball parks. People trade in taking swings for swimming pools. The lake becomes a better venue than the hardwood or the gridiron.

When times slow down, I start making lists. Some are future projects I’d like to work on or stories I would like to feature. Others are just the general to-do lists – my personal procrastination of spring cleaning usually being at the top. 

The list I enjoy trying to update the most though is my sports bucket list.

I’ve been blessed to attend many different events in venues all across the United States. I’ve been courtside to see the Spurs in Memphis, watched the Vols take the field in Oregon and Oklahoma (just to name a few) and been to playoff hockey games in Nashville. 

At some point, I hope to attend football games at every SEC school – I’m halfway there already. This week got me to thinking of the more specific events it would be fun to be able to attend live. Here’s a few which make my list:

World Cup game 

at Estadio Azteca

I’m usually the first to admit I’m not a huge soccer fan. It was the sport I enjoyed playing the least as a kid and I never really followed it growing up. Still, I would never pass up a chance to see a game at the legendary stadium in Mexico.

If it was a matchup between USA and Mexico, even better. My dad works in Mexico and he’s told me stories about the whole country basically shutting down on game days. That’s the level of dedication which appeals to me.


While I was writing this column, I had a Word document open on one side of my screen and the Roger Federer – Rafael Nadal match on the other. Just watching it (Federer ended up winning after some ridiculous volleys in the fourth set) made me wish I was across the pond watching these two greats go head-to-head.

Honestly, it wouldn’t matter who matched up in the finals. It would still be amazing to witness the grand spectacle.

Kentucky Derby

Mint Juleps and gambling – what else do you need to know?

MLB Home-Run Derby

I didn’t watch a single second of the MLB All-Star game and judging by the ratings, nobody else did either (It set a record low for ratings). Give me the excitement of the night before, when the home-run derby takes center stage.

It is not easy to hit a baseball. It’s even tougher to hit it over 400 feet. Well, unless you’re Vlad Guerrero Jr.

Imagine being in a stadium (I’d pick Fenway for my personal bucket list) when Guerrero starting launching nearly 100 homers in the span of an hour. Just duck if one comes your way.

Spurs home game

I wasn’t going through all this without being a complete homer. I’ve seen the Spurs in Atlanta and Memphis, but never in San Antonio. One day I'm going to make the journey.