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The Scoop - We're rushing back too soon
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It's interesting to note Spain has called off the annual Running of the Bulls in July.

America has decided to C-A-N-C-E-L our national spelling bee in June out of concern for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even the storied German celebration of Oktoberfest, still a full five months away, has been canceled for 2020.

But here in Tennessee, it's full speed ahead beginning May 1. Gov. Bill Lee announced Monday he will allow his safer-at-home restrictions to expire on April 30 and life in Tennessee can go back to business as usual.

I believe this is a little bit too soon. In this time of isolation when we're all so eager to leave the house, we shouldn't forget we're dealing with a deadly pandemic. Is it really enough to wait just a few weeks?

In the space directly right of this musing, conservative columnist Byron York writes about assessing blame for America's COVID-19 response and wonders if leaders reacted fast enough to the crisis. Based on his column, it appears elected officials all over the country were slow to react.

Let's learn something from that. We may not have acted as fast as we should have, not knowing the circumstances, but now we are fully aware of what can happen.

According to Saint Thomas River Park CEO Dale Humphrey on Tuesday, studies have shown COVID-19 to be 10 times deadlier than the flu. We need to give researchers a little more time to understand this virus and hopefully work toward a viable vaccine or treatment.

COVID-19 has killed well over 170,000 people globally — including more than 42,000 in the U.S. By all accounts, stay-at-home orders have been effective in reducing the death toll.

We don't need to abandon what's working. Let's keep chugging along for a little while longer. 

Staying at home is by no means fun. But it's certainly more fun than staying at a hospital.

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