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The Scoop - No winners in deadly shooting
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There are no winners in the fatal shooting that took place Oct. 24 on Sparta Highway.

For the shooter who escaped criminal charges in this incident, the deadly encounter is something I imagine will stick in his mind for many years to come. 

Then there’s the man who lost his life on that Sunday afternoon and his grieving family that’s left behind. They have to work through the pain of losing a loved one in the prime of his life.

Whether the shooting was in self-defense is not for me to decide. A District Attorney was assigned to prosecute the case with a team of investigators at his disposal. 

We have to trust the system and believe that the most appropriate decision has been made. Obviously one family is going to be extremely relieved by the decision not to prosecute and another family is going to be disappointed.

Perhaps the most important question for everyone to ask is what kind of society do we want to live in for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren? When I was growing up, no one was ever shot and killed while driving down the road. Yet it happens now with great frequency. It might happen every day.

I don’t think anyone is going to change their stance in the debate over guns and their place in our society but there are a couple key points I’d like to make.

More guns always translates into more gun deaths.

It doesn’t matter what country in the world we’re talking about, or what sort of gun laws are in place. The top factor in determining gun violence in any country is the number of guns in that country.

Several studies have proven this to be true and there’s no reason to bore anyone with numbing statistics. The simple truth is countries with a whole bunch of guns – think the United States – have a whole bunch of gun deaths – yes, the United States. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of gun laws a country has in place, strict or lax. If there are guns everywhere, more people are going to be shot. The logic is amazingly simple.

There has been a definite push by one segment of America to have more people armed with loaded guns at more places. As a result, more people are walking around with loaded guns and gun violence is rampant. Teens are getting gunned down in drive-by shootings on their way home from the park because it’s “fun” and there’s a gun handy.

Would you rather go to Walmart if everyone in the store had a loaded gun on their person, or would you rather go to Walmart if no one had a loaded gun?

That’s a no-brainer for me. I’d rather grab a loaf of bread without thinking I could get in a gunfight for simply bumping into someone’s cart.

I think everyone in America should have all the guns they want. Just keep them at home. Keep one in the kitchen and one under the pillow and one next to the commode.

But it’s proven, time and time again, guns and the general public don’t mix.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.