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The Scoop - Homecoming King is worth noting
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I enjoy scrolling through websites like Fox News, CNN and ABC News to see how different news agencies handle certain stories. Sometimes this leads to questions as I wonder why ABC News did this, and Fox News did that.

Over the past two days, I've received comments about why the Southern Standard thought it was necessary to refer to shooting suspect William Fernandez as a former WCHS Homecoming King. I've been asked, "What does that have to do with anything?"

I'm pleased to be able to offer a response on why I think that information is relevant.

First and foremost, being named WCHS Homecoming King is quite a distinction. At a school where 300 to 400 seniors regularly graduate each year, that makes the percentage of guys who can say they were Homecoming King less than 1%. It's a big honor and worth mentioning, I believe, that a former Homecoming King is charged with shooting his roommate just a few years after high school graduation. 

If Fernandez was 57 years old instead of 21 it might be more of a stretch to mention he was once Homecoming King, but just a few years later seems like it's an interesting piece of information.

Probably more important is the fact it's appropriate to paint a picture of the people who are allegedly pulling the trigger in all these shootings. So often these folks, usually young men, are described as loners who are isolated. They had to endure bullying in school and didn't have a wide circle of friends. Their home life was not the best.

Shooting your roommate during an argument is certainly not the same thing as opening fire on a group of strangers watching a Fourth of July parade or a classroom of school children, but it's still gun violence which was totally preventable.

Who does this type of thing? Who allegedly shoots their own roommate in the back?

If local law enforcement officials have the right guy in jail, it's a former WCHS Homecoming King.

As we continue to get a grasp about who is committing all of these gun crimes, the picture is becoming more like a collage of all America. It's not just poor people from broken homes. It's not just residents of big cities embroiled in gang warfare.

It's popular kids who acted in plays on the Park Theater stage and who were named Homecoming King their senior year of high school. The people who are opening fire with guns come from all walks of life, from rich to poor, from Texas to New York.

So there you have my reasoning for why I believe it is relevant to say that someone accused of shooting his roommate was named Homecoming King. The fact he was crowned at midfield of Nunley Stadium just a few years ago has nothing to do with what took place just a few days ago on the Fourth of July. But in my mind it's a distinction that's worth noting.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.