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The Scoop - Answer must be we don't care
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Some items are used for a very specific purpose. A hammer, for example, is used almost exclusively to drive a nail, or remove one, and really isn't used for much else.

A refrigerator is used to keep our food and beverages cold and is really of no help at all if you need to mow the lawn or get to work.

An AR-15 is used almost exclusively to slaughter children at school and people doing their everyday shopping at a grocery store. An AR-15 is really not used for much else at all.

But yet we allow assault rifles to remain legal in America knowing full well it will only be a matter of days or weeks before the next person walks into a building and opens fire on complete strangers.

We will give the usual thoughts and prayers, do nothing at all, and then call it 'unthinkable' when it happens again in a few weeks. To me, unthinkable is completely the wrong word because it's pretty obvious there are plenty of people thinking about how many folks they can murder with an assault rifle, just not some of our lawmakers.

It was about two months ago when I had the misfortune of covering an absolutely horrific crash at the intersection of Spring Street and Donnell where a motorcycle collided with an SUV and burst into flames. The two people on the motorcycle were killed in what was a very sad accident.

After that one single crash, there were calls from several people in the community for the city to do something about the speed of traffic on Spring Street. City officials listened and have taken action. A flashing light has been ordered and is expected to be placed on Spring Street in an effort to slow motorists as they approach the hill in front of First Baptist Church.

It's amazing the city took action after one accident and two deaths.

Now compare it to all the people who are killed in the U.S., probably on a daily basis, by an assault rifle. Everyone knows these weapons are used for mass shootings again and again, but somehow we allow these weapons of death to be sold under the pretense that it's somehow our Second Amendment right to buy them.

The Supreme Court, in its leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade, indicated there is no mention of abortion in the Constitution so therefore it's fair game to regulate. OK, sounds fair to me. I'd be interested to see the part of the Constitution that mentions AR-15s or assault rifles.

Gun enthusiasts with the NRA like to hold muskets from the Revolutionary War above their head as they clamor for absolutely no restrictions on firearms. If we're talking about single-shot muskets, I agree completely. There should be no restrictions. I believe you should always be allowed to carry a Revolutionary War musket anywhere in America. But I don't recall anyone getting gunned down by a musket. People who refuse to ban assault rifles, in my opinion, care more about guns than they care about children.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.