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Right On! 8-7-15
- Bruce Duke
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I think I felt fall in the air while I watched Newtown co-ed softball games Wednesday night. I even overheard several of the players making comments about cooler temperatures. “Perfect softball weather,” was heard more than once by me. A cold front moved through in the afternoon and the heat and humidity was gone in an instant.
Cooler weather brings with it one of the most glorified sports in all the land, football. I have seen a preview of the Warren County Middle School Pioneers and right from its first possession a running back broke through the offensive line for a 20-yard gain. It just gets your blood pumping when you see a team break through for a big gain and even better when it’s on the very first touch.
I have not seen a WCMS football game and I hate to bore everyone with firsts again but it is my first official football season with the Southern Standard. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hear that much longer. My first official football game came last Halloween on Oct. 31. It was an exciting night for me and Warren County Pioneer football.
Not only was it my debut, but the Pioneers defeated Cumberland County 41-0. The cheerleaders and Pioneerettes were all in costume to celebrate the football holiday. If you were not there I can assure you it was bitterly cold that night and flurries could be seen during the first half of football. I actually went to sit in the car to warm up with the heater on high during the halftime show. I did listen from just outside Nunley Stadium to the songs from the halftime performance.
Both bands from each school played together on the field also in full-blown Halloween costumes. Towards the end of the game the snow could be seen quite clearly as it peppered down on what was left of the crowd. The snow sent the student section into a frenzy. It was quite a sight the first night on the job.
Oh yeah, where was I? I don’t think we are out of the woods yet when it comes to summer temperatures, although I do think we are closer than we were yesterday.
Football seems to dominate sports talk here in Warren County and probably most other counties as fall draws near. I will be there when the Pioneers take on DeKalb County in their season opener Friday, Aug. 21. I hope we can carry last year’s season-ending momentum into the opening game and start the 2015 season off right as well. No pressure guys.
Let’s not forget our golf, soccer, and volleyball teams either. All are about to hit the fields and the courts wide open. Right on.