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Re Porter - Taking candy from children
bethany porter

I am a 23-year-old who literally took candy from children last Sunday. I didn’t plan to, but I am just such a competitive person that I couldn’t help it. We have an egg hunt for the children at my church and since it is a smaller church, children has a broad definition. 

I was not planning on hunting especially since I was told it would be a combined hunt with the younger kids, ages 13 and younger, and the older kids ranging from 16 to 23. There is a married couple at my church and one of them is my age so I said I was not going to hunt unless he did, because I am a grown up. Well, he decided to hunt. 

I was literally running after Easter eggs last Sunday. I was so tired, and so out of breath, but I continued running around the field in my Sunday dress grabbing eggs. There is a prize for the most eggs and I was super determined. I wasn’t even looking where I was going most of the time because my perfectly curled hair was obstructing my view every time I grabbed an egg. It is fortunate I didn’t collide with the said children. It was truly a sight to see. 

These eggs were mainly filled with candy, and last year after the egg hunt I gave all my eggs to one of the younger boys because I didn’t need 40 plus eggs full of candy. This year, I am ashamed to admit I did not do that. My favorite candy at the moment is sour punch twist things and I knew there were some in the eggs so that was the main factor in my decision not to forfeit my eggs. As karma would have it, I only had two eggs out of my 39 that had the sour twisties in them. 

I also was a big loser and didn’t win the prize egg or get the most eggs. I had 39 and the winner had 42. Maybe next year my competitive side won’t come out and I won’t sprint in a field after candy filled eggs, but I am not too confident it won’t happen again.

We also had an egg hunt with my family where we hunt camouflaged eggs that are in plain sight and also hidden. I was actually the youngest in this hunt, but I got a little too into this one as well and so did everyone else. My sister took off sprinting after the eggs and I saw her running so I decided to run too. Bad idea. I was pretty sore following my Easter egg hunt sprinting, and bending, and sprinting some more. 

The prize egg was a tiny golden egg and I was pretty much all over it and still didn’t get it. It was hidden under a flap in the pea gravel. I lifted the flap and just missed it. My sister came right behind me and found it. It was really unfortunate, but it was a fun time I guess.

Do I feel bad that I took candy that could have gone to children? A little. Am I slightly embarrassed I went all out and ran around in a field? Sure. Am I upset that I now have more candy for my desk at work? Not really.   

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