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Re Porter - My party or nothing voters
bethany porter

It might be an outrageous notion, but I think that we should vote for candidates based on their qualifications. I know it’s crazy. Can you imagine choosing a candidate to vote for based on their qualifications for the position and not just because of their political party? Unheard of.

I find “my party or nothing” voters ridiculous. Research is helpful in choosing a candidate. Knowing what the person actually believes in or has already done is an important thing to know before voting. Going in and voting for the most unqualified candidate just because they match your party is unwise. Do some research. 

Another hot topic lately is Independent candidates. It is my understanding that an Independent candidate does not consider themselves Republican or Democrat. They also get to skip the primary. Many people are saying that Independents are just Democrats that are too ashamed to announce it, and I don’t think that is the case. I think it is possible to not identify as one party or the other and it is also possible to lean more toward the left or right while also being Independent. 

I was also very shocked to learn that many county commissioners run as Independent when I assumed the majority were Republican. One commissioner who runs as Independent has openly said they would like to vote as conservatively as possible and has attended Republican events, so I don’t think it is just for “ashamed” Democrats. 

I am pretty close to county government because, you know, I go to every single meeting so I have gotten to know the commissioners pretty well. I know which ones do their homework, I know which ones actually participate in meetings, I know which ones try to help their communities, and I know which ones show up and do nothing. Some of the really good ones who come to meetings prepared, do their homework, and actually try to do what they are elected to do have me worried during this election because they don’t have that “R” attached to their name.

I think we should vote for the person not the party and do some research. I think we should also stop the lie that Independent people don’t exist. This political party obsession lately is also weird and leads to me constantly getting labeled by people I don’t even know. 

I’ve seen Facebook posts referring to the newspaper as “God hating liberals who push their Democratic agendas,” but it’s not true. We simply report the news and share our opinions on the Opinions Page, which you don’t have to read if you don’t want to.

Personally, I would prefer to not be labeled by people who don’t know me. I don’t know why we have to put a label on everyone and when someone’s opinion or view differs they become enemy number one, but I guess that is how it is today. Just, please, do some research before voting.

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