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Re Porter - My almost concussion
bethany porter

I have never had a concussion, but I am pretty sure I almost got one the other night. Surprisingly throughout all of my years of playing sports, I never got a concussion. 

I had been hit in the head more times than I can count and I once slammed my head so hard on the ground diving back to a base while playing softball that I cut my eyelid open, but no concussion. I did get called out and lose the game when I dove back to the base and cut my eye, but that’s a different story. 

I went to take pictures at the concert at Park Theater the other night. I haven’t been there in years and don’t think I have ever been on the balcony. I went up to the balcony to get a good shot of the singers. The opening act came out and I had the best spot for pictures so I waited for the main singers to come out. When they came out, they were wearing huge floppy cowboy hats and I couldn’t see their faces from the angle I was at. I took multiple pictures and moved all around the balcony trying to get a better angle with no luck. I decided to go back down stairs.

On my way to the stairs, I thought I would try one more time from this particular angle by the stairs. I bent over and put my camera bag and jacket up against the wall and on my way back up I absolutely smacked my head on some sort of protruding concrete piece that was on the wall. When I hit my head with full force, I took a step back and if I had taken one more step backwards I would have fallen down the stairs. Not only would I have probably broken some bones in the process, but I would have probably broken my nice, expensive camera. Luckily I only took one step backwards, but wow did that hurt.

I only have one question: who in the world thought it was a good thing to decorate the wall with concrete? I hit my head on some sort of decorative concrete beam that went horizontally across the wall. Whatever happened to flat walls? I didn’t have a concussion, but I had a huge bump and sore spot on the top of my head for days and a headache. One could argue that I should have paid more attention to my surroundings, but I really didn’t expect that to be there. I guess from now on I will reach up and feel the wall before popping up because you never know when a decorative concrete piece will claim another victim. 

I felt stupid and it hurt, but luckily the room was dark and loud so I don’t think anyone was paying attention to me. There’s no telling what came out of my mouth when I did bonk my head, so I am thankful I did it when the room was loud. From now on, just be aware that anyone can decorate walls with concrete protruding concussion causers so be careful out there people. 

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