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Re Porter - Disappointed in Warren County
bethany porter

Warren County I am disappointed in you. Sometimes things are put in a place for a reason, but some are just too uninformed to realize it. I know some of you didn’t like them, but they were there for the betterment of society. It is a shame they are no longer there. 

I am of course talking about the delineators downtown. What did you think I was talking about?

The delineators, also known as those white pole things in the road near Hardees, were put there in an attempt to stop the confusion. Apparently when someone comes upon that intersection, all common knowledge of driving flies out of their brains. Cars used to immediately change lanes and cut off other cars pulling onto W. Main Street, some cars would treat the intersection as a stop sign, and some just didn’t have a clue. 

The delineators at least made vehicles think twice before immediately cutting off the oncoming traffic or switching three lanes immediately. You could cut off traffic, but you would hit the big white pole in the process. I come that way every morning and have noticed the number of delineators has been steadily decreasing. There are only two now. 

Was it annoying when people passing Hardee’s came up to delineators and did a complete stop? Yes I wish people were smarter, but it was nice not having to worry about the traffic from the bridge pulling in my lane. 

It is pretty pitiful that people couldn’t adapt to the small traffic correction tool and instead plowed into them until only two are left. I am not a perfect driver, but at least I didn’t hit a big white pole sticking out of the road. I personally hate the entire area around Hardees because it seems to confuse everyone. From the flashing lights to the yielding on the other side, people don’t know what to do. My horn gets a workout at that spot in particular regularly.

While I do love to complain about drivers, I was hoping to make everyone think I was talking about the election in my intro. I am a little disappointed with a few results, but I have to keep an open mind. I only voted for four people and two were in my district and one was giving out cookies, so I don’t get to be overly unhappy with the races I didn’t vote in. 

I am a little disappointed some commissioners won’t be returning because I have been covering county government since October and have gotten to know some of them. 

I know which commissioners contributed and which didn’t. I know who actually tried to serve their district and who just showed up. Some of the ones who did a good job won’t be returning, but maybe the new people will do well too. All I know is I will have to be learning new people’s voices for the next few months and will continue to yell at everyone driving on W. Main Street.

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