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Re Porter - Dealing with baking issues

I am a pretty artsy person. I enjoy painting, drawing, making things, etc. I also thought I enjoyed baking, but I am starting to learn that I do not. I like to decorate the cakes and sweets once they are finished, but getting to that point is such a huge struggle the majority of the time. 

When I worked at the shoe store, I would always say we should all just start a bakery and it would be wonderful. We would own it, there would be no customers throwing shoes all over the store, and no unnecessary questions. That dream has yet to happen, and maybe for a good reason. 

When I watch “Cake Boss,” I always think it would be so cool to just decorate cakes and treats all day, but skip the parts where I have to make it and clean it up. Making desserts and cleaning up my mess is my least favorite part, but unfortunately I do not work at Carlo’s Bakery and do not have multiple people making the cakes and cleaning for me.  

Over “Halloweekend” I had a couple different treats I wanted to make. First, we were having a dessert contest at work. Lisa had talked up her past gruesome and impressive winning desserts and I wanted to make something just as impressive and spooky. I decided to make cake ball eyeballs. I can paint people. How hard would decorating 20 something eyeball cake pops be? Pretty hard actually. 

First the cake had to be made, then mixed with icing, and then rolled into balls. I also put a chocolate covered cherry in some of them to give an extra spooky factor. 

The cake balls had to be chilled and then dipped in melting chocolate. In my head, I envisioned perfectly smooth cake balls and that was not the case. They were a bit lumpy, but they were dipped and needed to be chilled again before adding the eyeball decoration with icing. 

I was using writing icing for the iris of the eye and different icing for the pupil and blood. Well, the writing icing decided it wanted to run down and not stay in place, so after each eyeball, I had to run it to the fridge and hope for it to firm up. I did this 22 times. They turned out OK. I spent multiple hours on them, and won the contest so I guess it was worth it. 

I also wanted to make dipped and decorated Oreos for a party I was going to. I saw it on Pinterest and it looked so simple. Pinterest lied to me. I thought I could just stick a fork between the Oreo and dip it. Nope. The cookies fell apart when I did that, so I had to get my hands dirty, literally, and drop them in the melted icing by hand and they did not dry as well as I had hoped. 

Nothing is ever as simple as it looks on Pinterest. Don’t even get me started on my failed chocolate pretzel spiders with Whoppers malted milk ball bodies. 

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