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Re Porter - Be patient, don't yell
bethany porter

I feel like everyone has gotten a lot meaner. I’m definitely not the poster child for being the nicest and honestly I don’t like people a lot of the time, but I at least try to be nice. 

I’m also noticing that patience is a virtue not many have these days. Again, I’m not the most patient person either, but I think I’m a lot better than most running around here.  

For instance, I was looking for a Christmas break job back in 2018 and ended up at Rose’s. It was Christmas time so it was incredibly busy. I asked an employee for a job application and she said I needed to get one at the front registers. 

No problem, except the only thing standing between me and the application for the job I didn’t want was the biggest, slowest line I’ve ever seen at Rose’s. So I stood in line for more than 30 minutes. I could have just walked up to the cashier while they were checking someone out and just asked for one, but personally I think that is so rude. 

Anyways, it gets better. After waiting in line for 30 plus minutes for a job application, I finally get to the register and guess what? They were out of job applications! I wasted so much time for nothing, but all I said was thanks anyways and left.

I can’t even tell you how many times someone would rudely interrupt me when I worked at the shoe store. I would be in the middle of checking someone out and someone would come to the side of the counter and say excuse me until I acknowledged them. Did they not realize I was busy? Did they miss the person I was currently checking out and the long line of other people needing to check out? Maybe. Or maybe they thought their need was more important than anyone else’s. 

I get annoyed when people think their time is more valuable than others. I also can’t stand when people take out their anger on employees. It is not their fault when you know you don’t have enough time to shop, but do anyways. I knew it wasn’t the employee’s fault that I waited for 30 minutes for a job application they didn’t have. I chose to wait in line and ask and it didn’t work out and I didn’t yell at them.

I also learned a lot about patience when I went to get a peach milkshake for my dad at Krystal’s one time only to be informed their blender was broken. I didn’t want anything else and there were cars in front of and behind me, so I was trapped until the line moved. I don’t know if you know this, but Krystal’s is incredibly slow so I waited in line for nothing for well over 20 minutes and simply drove away without yelling at anyone. It’s easy. 

I’ve experienced firsthand the hatefulness and impatience of some people both as a customer service worker and as a bystander. I’ve seen people lose their minds over the slightest inconveniences. It’s very easy not to yell at people doing their jobs, and I encourage everyone to be patient and try it. 

Standard reporter Bethany Porter can be reached at 473-2191.