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Random Thoughts - Integrity of game violated
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No. 1 I cannot recall witnessing what I experienced at any level of football what I experienced at Rockvale this past Friday night. What I saw violated the integrity of the game. 

I was standing at the goal line when a referee awarded Rockvale its last touchdown. Thiphavong, the Rockvale receiver, did not cross the goal line. I asked three referees from the sideline who called that a touchdown. None of them would answer me. 

After the game Rockvale’s head coach, Rick Rice, told me it wasn’t a touchdown. He said, “The receiver went out of bounds at the 2-yard line. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we put points on the board, but we wanted to run more time off the clock.”

No. 2 I asked Lawrence County head coach David Marston, whom I have known for 20 years, if he viewed the play on film. Coach Marston told me he didn’t believe the Rockvale receiver crossed the goal line. Lawrence County is the Pioneers opponent this week. 

No. 3 A missed call on holding, not measuring for a first down, etc. all have consequences. But a referee’s blatant mistake at Rockvale put points on the board. None of the other referees corrected the call. No matter what level of competition, high school, college, or the NFL, a referee cannot make that mistake. Moreover, that referee should be put on probation and not be allowed to call a game during the playoffs.

No. 4 As I get to know some of the local high school athletes, the more I appreciate that they are getting to play this season. I agree wholeheartedly with what WCHS coach Matt Turner said after the game in Rockvale … we don’t know if there will be a next game. 

Each day in practice, each game counts. What a great feeling it is to see this football team reach 3-0. I am especially glad for Hunter Burch. Hunter is putting a lot of energy in a positive place that is rewarding him and his team. It may sound corny and cliché, but Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). 

No. 5 Back to my point about the integrity of the game. I can go all the way back to pickup games in Westwood during my youth, and I do not remember anyone scoring fake points. 

Clint Moore might have questioned a foul in a basketball game or an interference call in football, but no matter how badly he wanted to beat the Britton brothers, he never allowed or claimed to score fake points. There are no fake points in sports at any level. Someone please call the TSSAA and get that officiating crew put on probation. I’m serious.