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An out-of-town place to eat
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When one leaves Warren County for the day, and that occasionally does happen, the destination is clear. Shaded in mystery is the timeless question of, “Where do we eat when we get there?”

If the journey's end is Murfreesboro, give Jason’s Deli located at 452 N. Thompson Lane a try. Family owned and community focused, it touts wholesome ingredients obtained from trusted partners. 

Initially, I was struck by the feeling that I was in school with a line of students making their way through the cafeteria. The line did move quickly, which snapped me back into 2020. Within minutes, we had found a table and were awaiting food. 

I ordered a Bigger Better BLT. I’m glad you asked, a Bigger Better BLT comes with the traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato as well as an over-easy egg and sliced avocado. 

Jason’s BLT: 

• Toasted multigrain bread - Not sure where they buy their bread, but the slices were generous, fresh and as advertised, lightly toasted.

• Bacon - Perfectly cooked, which is sometimes difficult to achieve. Undercooked is never acceptable. 

• Leafy lettuce – It was crispy. 

• Roma tomatoes – I pulled one from the sandwich. It looked farm fresh and tasted delicious. 

• Fresh-cracked egg – Sometimes the egg on sandwiches can be tricky. Undercooked and yoke goes everywhere. Overcooked and there is no yoke to go. This egg was right in the middle.

• Avocado slices – A thick buttery texture.

• Mayo – Very light. 

I gave up traditional sandwiches years ago. This one made me second guess that decision. If I make a BLT at home, it will be a Bigger Better BLT.

Criticism time: When a sandwich has only three main ingredients, I feel like all three should be in each bite. I didn’t get that with this sandwich. I felt like it needed a little more L and a little more T. Adding an egg and avocado helped. 

Ryan also ordered a BLT; Bob, a Reuben the Great; Nickole, a turkey Muffaletta; and Josh, a The Cowboy. 

Reuben the Great was just that. It was “half pound of corned beef” covered with Swiss, kraut and thousand island dressing on rye bread. No one had a measuring stick handy. However, if your mouth can open that wide, I’d suggest a doctor evaluation. Probably not normal. I tried a bite and quickly added it to my food bucket list. 

Jason’s Deli offers a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, side options, what appeared to be a very nice salad bar and a child’s menu that included a PB&J sandwich – yes, peanut butter and jelly is on the list of options. Meals include a delicious soft service ice cream. 

I would highly recommend this restaurant. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.