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One Good Thing - Feline beggars can be choosers

Like most pet owners, I like to buy my pets something neat every once in a while that I think they’ll like.

I subscribe to BarkBox so my two dogs have a rotation of goodies to keep them entertained each month – plus the toys are themed each month and they’re all super cute. One is completely disinterested in the toys but the younger one likes them, though she is entirely willing to play with the box itself so it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

My cats, on the other hand, are the strangest two I’ve ever had. Milo doesn’t like catnip or toys most of the time. As a kitten and young adult, he loved “da bird” which is a feathered toy on a teaser stick that cats typically go absolutely bonkers for. He also used to fetch things so I could throw them for him over and over. 

Now that he’s 8 years old, he’s slowed down and prefers to conserve his energy for his many trips to the food bowl over the course of the day and cuddling on laps.

Mitzi is young and sprightly but even she has been snubbing my recent purchases. I thought that, just maybe, they’d love this new toy I’d seen circulating on the internet for the past few months. It’s called Flippity Fish and the videos I’ve seen of it in action in show cats having a blast. 

The main selling point is that the fish is rechargeable and it flops around like a fish on land when it detects motion near it. With cats being predators who are incredibly sensitive to motion, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

I guess that’s true, if your cats work as intended. Mine seem to have lost their “How to Cat 101” manual somewhere between when they were born and the present day.

When I saw the Flippity Fish on an As Seen on TV aisle at a Walmart in Murfreesboro, I dropped everything to go grab one. Twenty dollars later and I had my very own Flippity Fish. I was excited to see their reaction – I just KNEW Mitzi was going to flip her lid over it.

As soon as I got home, I unboxed it and I threw it in the floor. Milo was flat-out afraid of it and acted like I had thrown a bear trap down in front of him. Mitzi took one look at it, raised a paw to swat it, but thought better of it and has avoided it ever since.

It’s been about six weeks now and it’s basically just a fixture of the room that I paid too much money for.

At this point, I feel like I’d have better luck at winning the lottery than buying a toy that either of these ungrateful cats would appreciate.

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