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No Holds Barred 7-3
Reigns fails his drug test
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I was quite surprised to hear Monday night that Roman Reigns remains in the triple threat title match at the upcoming Battleground special event, despite failing a drug test and violating the WWE Wellness Policy.Reigns was officially suspended by WWE for the violation and it was revealed to the public on RAW this past week. Stephanie McMahon even referred to the violation as an “embarrassment” to WWE. So, with WWE being that outspoken on the failed drug test (we don’t know if it was a steroid or what), I figured they’d change the main event for Battleground. After all, what kind of message are you sending if you let Roman participate in the biggest match of the night?But, to my surprise, WWE is going ahead with the triple threat match between the former members of The Shield, pitting Reigns and Seth Rollins against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose.