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Mornings leave me in mourning
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What are the chances? My eldest son Jack landed a job on his 20th birthday in the machining field he has been studying at Tennessee College of Applied Technology. The question is now can he do the mornings?
“It means money,” Jack responded as I grilled him after he announced he had been hired by a local plant. “I’ll get up.”
My cynicism comes for a good reason – he’s my son and has my don’t-like-mornings genes. Make no mistake, I hate mornings. The term "a.m." may as well stand for “aww man” in my opinion because that’s how I feel when that rude alarm rousts me from a peaceful sleep or even a pleasant dream. It’s doubly bad when it’s winter and it’s all cold and the windows of the car are all frosted over. It makes me just want to curl back up in the blanket and go back to sleep.
You can go back and look at my college transcript. Any class I had before 10 a.m. was generally a class I failed or did poorly in. Even if I were able to pull my lazy butt out of bed, I was sorely prepared to learn once I got to class. And, it appeared Jack would take after me, especially in college as he started to develop morning-itis over the past year and a half.
“Get out of bed. You’re going to be late,” I call through his door in the morning, his alarm booming somewhere near his head, not even getting so much as a stir from him.
“I’m up. I’m up,” he claims, his voice muffled through his pillow. I know the sound because I did the same thing to my mom growing up. However, unlike me, the understanding father of the year that I am, she would return with a cold glass of water and throw it on me if my feet weren’t on the floor by her second visit to my room.
“You’re not up. I don’t hear your feet hitting the floor,” I call out, beating on his door frame, my persistence and hammering finally getting him up.
“OK, I’m up already!” he will finally announce in an irritated tone, telling me he is actually out of bed.
Generally, he would arrive at school with a full minute to spare. We believe in living on the edge at the Sherrill house.
Now, the question is can Jack turn a new leaf and get up without my screaming at him? The good news is I was able to overcome my sleepy head and become a productive member of morning society. The bad news is it took me over 40 years to do it. Jack is just 20.
However, the good news is that since getting the job last week, Jack has been awake even before my alarm goes off. Maybe money is a good motivator for him. Hopefully his newfound chirpiness will continue and dear ole dad can stop setting his alarm so early. Sure, I can get myself up in the morning now, but I still don’t like it.
Standard reporter Duane Sherrill can be reached at 473-2191.