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Moore Thoughts - Reuniting with family members
taylor moore

As everyone is, I am exhausted with talking about COVID. It’s been with us for an entire year and has overstayed its welcome. In fact, it’s on its way out and the proof of that is me reuniting with some family after months.

Now that all of my grandparents and half of the rest of my family have been vaccinated, I’ve been able to see and visit with family members who live out of town. My aunt Tara is a professor at UT Knoxville, and she decided to bring her family to town for spring break and for her parents (my grandparents) 50th wedding anniversary.

She brought her two children, Lela and Caney, and her husband Kyle to stay a couple days in Rock Island. They missed Christmas being in Knoxville, so we finally got to see her kids open their presents which I know they loved.

Christmas was not as crowded this year with the four of them missing, but it was worth the wait to see them playing with their new toys as if it were the holidays again.

Lela and Caney met our newborn cousin, Waylon, for the first time this past week who was born in December. They were so excited to meet the baby, and we were all excited for them.

Not only did I catch up with the kids, but I was able to catch up with Tara and Kyle as well. They were so behind on my personal life, they just learned of the bunny sanctuary that has started in my home. 

In a previous column, I mentioned I had 11 bunnies. My aunt and uncle were shocked to learn I adopted one bunny; then, they were baffled at the knowledge that I had 11. Now I’m at a comfortable eight bunnies; nonetheless, they learned a lot in their visit.

At the anniversary party with just our close family, we all sat around a comfortable campfire and talked for hours. There was pizza, cake and cornhole. What else do you need? The cabin they rented also had a hot tub which is a luxury I definitely took advantage of. 

I know my grandparents were very pleased with their anniversary party. To finally spend time with their daughter and grandchildren after this trying time is priceless. I can’t imagine what it felt like for Tara and Kyle as well since a lot of their family lives here or in close proximity to McMinnville.

There were so many things that were missed over the year, but there are so many things to look forward to this year. This pandemic isn’t over, and we should still be diligent in fighting this thing. However, when we are able to visit with friends, family and public events at full capacity again, I hope we don’t take that time for granted.

Not only is reuniting with family a reason to fight Covid, but I would also like to go to the movies again.

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