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Moore Thoughts - Renaissance Festival a thrill
taylor moore

There is only one place where you can see dungeons and dragons without it being on a tabletop, the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Now, I must admit, I’ve never been too interested in going to any renaissance-themed event, and I am not that interested in the fantasy genre as a whole.

Maybe I have turned a new leaf on the idea because the festival was a blast. The only reason I was even interested is because the fair takes place at the castle just off of Interstate 840 which I have seen numerous times while making trips to Spring Hill. Always curious about the castle, I accepted an invitation from my friends to go.

We visited the castle first which is honestly not as big as you’d think it is when you see it from the interstate. Not to say I was disappointed because up close, it is a fantastic building to see. The man who built it still lives there, or so he says. I don’t understand how you’d open up your house for tours every weekend of the renaissance festival.

After the castle tour, we then all split off a little bit to find different things of our interests. One wanted to find a sword, one wanted a chalice, and I found the pirate shop where I may have spent too much on a pirate shirt. I also loaded up on some vintage fans, some with Japanese origin and some covered in feathers. My brother probably bought the heftiest thing at the fair, a giant turkey leg. The drum stick could be a deadly weapon. I don’t know how he ate it. I couldn’t handle one bite. It looked like something you’d buy at the A&L Fair.

One thing I expect to see at the fair but not so much at a renaissance fair are rides, but there were a couple of attractions. The only difference, in true renaissance fashion, the rides were powered by those riding. My brother and I hitched a ride on the “Hurlinator” that spun us in circles as we cranked from our seats. We got dizzy and got a workout, so I think it was a fair trade.

There were many shows going on as well, but the main show took place at the end of the day with a real joust. No one was injured like in jousts of the past, but they did try to knock each other off their horses. I even tried it myself with their zip line-like jousting ride. 

The goal for that one was to get your sword into a dragons hand while zip lining. I failed, but the rush of adrenaline was good enough for me.

Being my first time at a renaissance fair, I had a great time. I would return and try some ax throwing next time. There is also a pirate-themed weekend, so I’ll have to check that out. 

Honestly, I tried this fair on a whim, and I’m glad I did. People may think that everyone at a renaissance fair is a nerd or weird, and to that I say it’s true. Everyone there is unapologetically in the spirit of the people of renaissance times.  

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