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Moore Thoughts - I'm not made for the cold
taylor moore

I am not warming up to this cold weather. Do not call me Elsa because the cold does bother me anyway. If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, then I may also retreat for the next six weeks. I am tired of layering my clothes and wearing mittens. I am tired of space heaters. 

I need the sun to come out now, but not on Feb. 2. The sun better not be out on Groundhog Day. Not to be dramatic, but if that little groundhog sees his shadow, I may sacrifice the groundhog to get some warm weather. I don’t even believe in the “Punxsutawney science," but it’s my only hope to get warm at this point.

If I didn’t have to leave my home, this weather may not be too bad. I could curl up in my pajamas and eat soup or something. However, that is not the life I live. I have to leave my house often. The cozy times have to wait until after I have already walked out into the blistering cold.

The reason I hate cold so much is because it affects my skin badly. My skin is so dry from the weather, and I can’t bear it anymore. There’s only so much moisturizing I can do to my skin. I just need a little warmth to get my skin acting right again.

I’ve never been a fan of the cold, but it’s never made me this uncomfortable. And I love autumn weather, so I like cool temperatures. But when you add ice and the painful winds, that’s when I cannot handle it. I am rooting for an early spring this year and am begging Punxsutawney Phil to not see his shadow.

I’m not even particularly excited about spring because I have bad allergies, but at least there is Easter and more warmth. It looks less depressing outside, people wear brighter colors and we will be getting closer to summer. Spring is an okay season, but it brings a lot of hope and relieves the winter dread.

After the holidays are over, there is no reason to enjoy the cold. No wonder humans invented Christmas and put so many holidays in December. The month would be as unbearable as January if it didn’t have them. Maybe January needs another holiday to help its case but, as of now, January is my least favorite month.

Besides the cold, my January has actually been pretty good. The weather just dampens my whole mood, though. I apologize to every January birthday. Maybe it makes the month better being born in it, I don’t know. Being a summer-born baby, I just naturally favor warmth.

If winter is your favorite season, great. I don’t want to ruin your view on the season. This is just my experience, and I hate my experience with winter. Just give me Christmas and New Year’s, then can we crank the outside thermostat to a sensible 74? Now be prepared for me to complain about the heat in August.

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