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Moore Thoughts - I think I have become a gamer
taylor moore

Video games are very integral to many lives, even if people desert them and leave them in their childhood. Anyone growing up in the 1980s (just an estimate) and forward has probably played a video game.

In a recent study, almost 40% of the world population plays video games where half of that number play exclusively on mobile devices like smartphones.

The game I am particularly interested in hits mobile device users and standard video game console users. Among Us is by far one of the most popular video games of all time, and it’s free (on mobile). 

If I got paid minimum wage for every hour I spent playing Among Us in 2020, I could put a down payment on a house. Hyperbolizing, but I have put in plenty of hours playing on my computer and my phone. 

I am not going to explain the rules as I am not a pro at that. Basically, if you’re an imposter, you’re goal is to kill. If you’re a crewmate, your goal is to vote out imposters and not get killed.

It’s a social game where you ask questions to find out who may be lying about being an imposter. It’s a game that my friends online have mastered almost every map, except for the new one. Among Us isn’t the only game we’ve played.

The Jackbox Party Packs have also gotten a lot of play time from me and my gaming friends. These are a series of party games where you and your friends battle on who’s the funniest, best drawer, best salesperson, etc. There are well over 30 games across the seven party packs.

These are not too popular amongst the gaming community as much since they’re not classic video games that are skill or puzzle based. They’re just fun word games that require creativity and allow for a fun time safely through a screen.

In the end, the games are neither here nor there. I could play any game as long as my friends were there. One thing I have appreciated in the last year is an online community because of the lockdown. 

I couldn’t see some of my friends for a while, but I was able to connect with old friends and new friends through an online server which made me socialize more. I’ve also never considered myself a gamer, but now I’ve actually started playing games by myself.

Through my online server, I’ve learned that I actually like video games and I’ve stayed social despite the pandemic limiting contact. Now, some of us have been vaccinated and I’ve met some in person finally, and I’ve reunited with some of my old friends. 

Playing online is something I’ll continue after the pandemic as well because some of my friends also live out of town, and it’s still a good way to stay connected with them.

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