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Moore Thoughts - Friends in high places
taylor moore

I am making an early prediction and putting this in writing in case they do blow up big, but the Highway Wildflowers are going to be a headliner one day. If you’ve never heard of them, I understand because they only have three songs officially at the time I’m writing this.

I’ve seen the growth of this band myself because the lead singer and songwriter for that band is my great friend Katelyn Woodmansee-Garrison. She and I met at Nashville Nightmare as we both started working there at the same time. In the past two years, we have spent a lot of weekends together going to Holiday World and birthday parties.

Usually after we work at the haunted house, her dad, who is also in the band, hosts parties with his friends. Among his friends is a music producer in Nashville.

At one party, Katelyn’s dad was hosting a Hot Wheels racing tournament where we all bet money on the fastest toy cars. Being most of these friends are musicians, her dad’s parties often turn into a writer’s round where each person takes turns with a guitar singing songs they wrote.

At this particular party, Katelyn played a song that she wrote that I fell in love with. This song is called “Blue.” I’m not the only one who fell in love as the producer present at the party was also impressed. I basically witnessed her land a record deal that night. Fast forward a few months, and I get a text from Katelyn saying that this song will be released on Spotify, and other platforms.

Needless to say, this song was on my Spotify Wrapped playlist for 2022. I saw her live at the Margaritaville restaurant in downtown Nashville, and as I was about to head out, she and her band performed “Blue” just for me because she knows I love it. She even gave me free merchandise.

What made me want to write this column about her and her future music career is the recent release of the song “Writing Secrets." She sent me a preview of the song which I knew because I’ve heard her and her band perform it, but hearing the recorded version was so exciting.

It is now officially released, so look up “Writing Secrets” by the Highway Wildflowers if you want a good time. I’m very appreciative of my friendship with Katelyn. We both love spooky things, we both love "Survivor," and we both love music. She obviously has a much better ear for music than me, but I love being in those sessions to hear her and the other artists get inspired by each other.

I am really hoping for a fruitful future for her music career. Her band has been playing a lot gigs lately where they perform a lot of covers, but they throw in an original here and there. It’s just cool that she has allowed me to be a part of this experience and witness her grow as an artist.

I will end by plugging her band, the Highway Wildflowers. They currently have three incredible songs written by my friend Katelyn. Look up “Blue,” “Not Ready,” and “Writing Secrets.”

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