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Moore Thoughts - Class of 2021 had special night
taylor moore

Prom is a stressful time for many, especially when you are reporting on it for the paper. However, the 2021 Senior Prom was more than I expected. I attended two proms, my senior prom in 2016 and the 2017 prom at WCHS.

I don’t have many proms to compare to, but I have more than others. I have to say that the class of 2021 celebrated a bit more than the other proms I attended. There must’ve been something about being so separated and distant this year that made this class so enthusiastic.

Perhaps it was the absence of the Christmas dance in 2020 that inspired the students to make prom more special. There was some dancing at the two proms I attended, but the class of 2021 had no one seated. There were many factors that made this year’s prom memorable.

Glamorous masks to match dresses and ties and suits all made an appearance that looked spectacular. Plus, if you wore a mask, you only had to do half your makeup. It was nice to see masks incorporated into the outfits rather than just medical masks.

Speaking of outfits, many had statement pieces that people will remember forever. There was a ton of self-expression from students with way more confidence than I ever had at that age. It’s admirable and inspiring to see this generation try new things and dress for prom how they want to dress.

To add to the uniqueness, having an outdoor section is something that should stick with the prom in the future. The intention was to give students a place to take their masks off and socialize, and it worked. There were as many students dancing and mingling outside as there were inside. It was a great use of the alley behind Charlie Dalton Gym and should be implemented into future proms outside of the pandemic in my opinion. 

I admire the minds behind the prom this year for the innovation that it took to make it happen. Chandeliers in the basketball goals was a personal highlight. I had fun at the two proms I attended, but the 2021 Prom had a sense of togetherness that the others didn’t quite have. 

To top the night off, I got to witness my cousin Samantha Jennings take home the Prom Queen title. I would’ve been happy for anyone who won because anyone deserves it, but I was a little biased. This is the second time I’ve witnessed a cousin being crowned as Rylan Hawkins was crowned the 2017 Prom Queen along with her now husband Hunter.

Prom 2021 was definitely a night to remember, and it made me really miss social gatherings. I’m excited that the students were able to have a prom, and the students showed their appreciation by showing up and making it their own. If they were this enthusiastic at prom, I can’t imagine what graduation will be like.

Taylor Moore is a reporter for the Standard. He can be reached at 473-2191.