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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Trying to free myself of clutter
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If this move has taught me anything, it’s when to let go of stuff. Why do we have trouble letting go of things? Here’s a few examples of past excuses I’ve made for my clutter:

• “If I get rid of this large crystal frame from my wedding, I’ll feel guilty.”

• “But what if I need these scrap pieces of paper for a project one day?”

• “If I put the mail/ bills away, I won’t go through it or I’ll forget.”

• “But this item is worth more than I’ll get back for it …”

It’s especially challenging to get rid of items that have been inherited or gifted by loved ones. Still, just because it's not visible because it’s stuffed in a drawer or under a carport doesn't mean it isn't slowly and steadily causing stress.

For me, my perspective has changed. While figuring out the placement of our furniture in each new room, I realized I’d have to downsize. Could I force certain pieces to work? Sure, but I’m not willing to create a space that feels cramped, cluttered and well, too much. 

So, the piles have begun to form. I’ve tossed, shredded, donated and sold items that no longer work in our new home. I’ve even passed off some unused items to my Grandma and mother-in-law. Hopefully, these boxed items from our wedding can be regifted to a new bride who’ll actually use them.

Although I’m planning for a yard sale soon, I always try to sell my furniture and décor to places like the Back Porch, Renewed Creations and Lelands in Woodbury. 

I read in an article that you don’t want to be a clutter bug, it just kind of happens, but that the best defense against clutter is to educate yourself about why you have clutter. Even valuable items can take the form of clutter if not properly stored or used.

Ross and I are going to break this hoarding habit before we get old and leave our kids with a house of junk to sort through. At least, that’s what I tell him. We’re starting to make some habit changes such as washing dishes immediately after use or loading the dishwasher, making the bed each morning and other subtle things that keep the house organized for longer periods of time.

Having a newly remodeled home has motivated me to keep it cleaner than our condo. After waiting for nearly two years, I just can’t stand the thought of filling it back up. Right now, it’s so open looking so I’m going to do my best to keep it that way.

If you have any tips to share, both on the organizational front or the selling your stuff side, I’m all ears. Shoot me an email with your advice/suggestions. 

Happy decluttering, friends!

 Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.