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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Saying goodbye to Griggy's house
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Saturday was a bittersweet day for Ross and my in-laws. The family watched as Griggy and Pa’s (or as those in the community knew them, Joe and Frances Garrison) estate was auctioned off. That includes their home, her car, and a lifetime of accumulated things. 

Ross’ paternal grandparents lived in their Westwood home for 20 years until his grandfather died in July 2013 and his grandmother moved into Riverview Terrace, an assisted living facility nearby. 

After Griggy passed away back in August, Ross’ parents, uncles and aunts began the difficult task of prepping it for sale by decluttering and sorting. Since this wasn’t their childhood home, it appeared they weren’t seeing everything entirely through nostalgic lenses, which is harder than it seems. It can be such an emotional and tricky process.

In my experience, each estate sale has a different vibe and some are just sad. I’ve been on the family member end as well as the shopper side. As a reporter, I can see that estate sales usually have a story. Sometimes the story is about the couple's travels around the world, or their love of antiques, or gardening or some other hobby. 

For Griggy, a life spent cooking large family meals was evident in her wide assortment of cookware and glassware. Her keepsakes were laid out to show them to the best advantage. My grandma was excited to buy a box of Townecraft cookware. Griggy also had an appreciation of marble top cherry furniture.

When we’d visit Griggy at Riverview, she’d always keep us updated with the latest family news. At Christmas, she’d sit in a chair in the den waiting to gift her grandkids with pocket knives or cash. It was a Garrison tradition of sorts. For Ross and me, her home didn’t hold a lot of memories. In fact, I’d only been in it a few times.

Although the weather forecast called for rain on Saturday, it held off until after the auction, which was a relief. Cars lined the street on both sides. People came and went loading up their purchases until finally, it was time to sell the house.

Located in Westwood, their one-level brick home is in great shape. Ross and I walked around from room to room before the sale and there’s no doubt it has potential. It just needs a little TLC and updating. With three bedrooms, two baths, a fabulous kitchen area and my favorite – a spacious sunroom, it sold for $190,000.

By the time I got off, the estate sale and auction had wrapped up. The rain and wind had picked up as I slowed my car to a stop in front of what used to be “Griggy’s house.” No one was around at that point. Although it made me a little sad, I’m hopeful and happy to see new life come into the area. To me, the deterioration of a beautiful home left empty is worse than seeing it occupied by someone new.

So, to the stranger who bought Griggy’s house, welcome to the neighborhood! We hope you fill this home with your own blissful memories for years to come.

Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.