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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Oh, baby baby!

Have you ever been completely oblivious? You reflect later and think to yourself that was so obvious … how did I miss that?

That was me a few weeks ago. My bestie, Callie, was in from Charleston and wanted to see me. Of course, work ran late so I sped to my house to meet her. I knew she had dinner plans with her in-laws, but I’m always down for a quick visit.

As I approached, Callie hugged me and we chatted for a minute in the yard. I noticed Phil holding a new Nikon camera. He gestured me over and asked me camera questions. Nothing seemed unusual. He zoomed in and focused on Callie’s shirt, which read “Oh, baby baby!”

I was clueless. I laughed and said, “You’re bringing '90s back” and sang the lyrics to Britney Spears' “Baby One More Time.” Other little hints were dropped and completely went over my head. Finally, seeing I was a lost cause, Callie brought out the sonogram photos.

I’ve never been more surprised in my life. After all, last time we discussed it, Callie and Phil planned on waiting awhile before starting their family. From my body’s reaction, you’d have thought I was discovering my own pregnancy. My heart rate quickened and then I cried. (Happy tears!)

Callie put together a cute pregnancy announcement reel. (Yours truly was included.) It was fun to watch all the reactions because everyone seemed genuinely shocked. In Callie-like fashion, a gender reveal was planned.

Hosted at Darlene’s house, her entire home was decked out for the reveal. A dessert table displaying tutu and football-shaped sugar cookies, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes along with a cake that read “Touchdowns or Tutus?” were ready for the tasting. Above the table in sparkly gold letters was a sign saying “We’re just here for the sex” which solicited a chuckle from me. (Oh, Callie. Only you.)

There was a sign beside the front door to help guests make their predictions. I know nothing about old wives’ tales, but I read through the items listed under “He or She? What will Baby Hitchcock be?” 

• Chinese Calendar – (Boy)
• Cravings – Sweet  (Girl)
• Morning sickness – Yes  (Girl)
• Attitude – Moody (Girl)  
• Baby’s heart rate –  >140  (Girl)
• Headaches – Yes (Girl)

• Is your skin dry? (Boy) 

After gathering everyone out back, they released the blue streamers. It’s a boy! My girly childhood ballerina friend is going to have a boy. This should be fun.

In all seriousness, it’s a bittersweet feeling growing up and experiencing life’s milestone moments with someone. For me, those have been with Callie. From youth into adulthood, our friendship has seen first loves, breakups, high school and college graduations, weddings, and more. 

Although I selfishly encourage Phil and Callie to move back to Tennessee, I know they’ll be good parents wherever they are. What a blessing it is to live each day and embrace each season of life with its changes and celebrations!

Congrats, Callie and Phil!
Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.