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Livin' la Vida Lacy - I'm seeking new level of fitness
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Ross and I are trying it. That’s right, we’re switching our allegiance to CrossFit for the next three months to see what it’s all about. Granted, we’ve only committed to three days a week due to work schedules and such, but I’m excited to see if my body does, in fact, change shape. 

Right now, we’re under the guidance of my Uncle Marc. Is it intimidating when his CrossFit buddies come around? Uh yes, especially when they peel off their shirts revealing a chiseled chest. (Yes, Zach, I’m calling you out!) Seriously though, it’s motivational. I wouldn’t mind looking more statuesque myself.

Starting a new form of exercise isn’t easy though. I still get tempted to skip Uncle Marc’s workouts and fall back on my first love – long distance running. Luckily, he’s constantly reminding us “everyone starts somewhere” so even when I’m using the PVC pipe or completing jumping pull-ups, I’m encouraged. 

It’s funny to me we’re trying CrossFit now when the whole time we lived in Cookeville, I was completely disinterested. That’s where professional CrossFit athlete Rich Froning aka “Fittest Man on Earth” resides and owns a gym called CrossFit Mayhem. (Sidenote – I went into CrossFit Mayhem once to get Uncle Marc a shirt and everyone looked ready to star in the movie "300.")

We’re three weeks into CrossFit right now, but it’s still very new. New gear – Nano shoes and Bear Komplex hand grips, new apps – SugarWOD and Trifecta and most noticeably – new aches and calluses. Not only that, but Ross and I are working hard to meal prep and eat healthier. 

Thankfully we’re surrounded by friends and family who strive to live a healthy lifestyle. My neighbor Kim shared her Paleo Prep Dish meal plans and even invited us over to try a meal. It was absolutely delicious!

I’m also finishing a book called “It Starts With Food” recommended by my friend Brittany, who is a lover of paleo food and toxin-free products. So far, I’m liking it. The book outlines a clear, balanced, sustainable plan and includes scientific research and real-life experience. Oh, and follow Brittany’s insta account – the pearlypineapple for amazing food photos and recipes.

Back to CrossFit, I’m still learning, but it’s fun to compete against Ross and Gage. I’m trying to absorb the new terminology while not getting overwhelmed. I also try not to overthink the workouts and fight the urge to quit when movements are unfamiliar and uncomfortable. It’s so easy to get into my own head about these things.

Anyway, don’t be looking for any transformation pics from me in a bikini plastered on Facebook. I’m fairly private on the social media platforms. That being said, my goal is to get stronger, leaner and healthier. As Uncle Marc quoting Josh Bridges says, “You have to pay the man to keep your fitness. You don't get to just rely on past accomplishments." 

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