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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Home renovations are sure S-L-O-W

Now, that my trip is over. It’s back to renovations. I’ve got a lot of updates to share for those interested. With one room left, we’re so close to being finished with the interior! 

I’m usually a hard deadline kind of gal, but luckily I didn’t have those same expectations with our house. If I had, I would have gone insane because this process has been S-L-O-W. 

You know how it is, research, finally decide what you want, then get as many bids as possible to determine the best price and product. Oh, and then wait on installation. The key word is precisely that – “wait”. That’s how I’d sum up this experience in one word.

Since I left off, the bathroom has been completed. (Can I get a whoop whoop?!) You just can’t beat Martin-Glenn Glass when it comes to custom shower doors and mirrors. Paul Hurst did a fabulous job installing both our streamline frameless shower slider and mirror. The 80” by 54” mirror with flat framed edges makes our bathroom look double in size. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Let’s see, what else… oh yeah, countertops. Using Custom Granite Interiors, quartz was installed in both the bathroom and kitchen. Lee even used the leftovers to make me a lovely Lazy Susan turntable. Once the countertops were done, Nacho came in to install our white subway tile. 

The transformation of the kitchen is truly astonishing, but we’re not finished with it quite yet. Hugh is working on a bench for my breakfast nook. We have the perfect window and empty corner to create the coziest of nooks. I can already picture it in my mind … comfy pillows, sunshine spilling through the glass as I sip my morning coffee. Sorry, got lost daydreaming for a minute.

Anyway, my current room undergoing improvement is the den. Since this room was previously a garage, there was concrete beneath the dirty, old carpet. Energized by Coca-Cola and Cow Tales (caramel candy), Hugh painted over the red walls. I chose to lighten up the space with Revere Pewter and Elephant Ear for the beams and accent wall.

I’ve already called dibs on the den. It’s my favorite room of the house. It’s got a brick fireplace that Man made and a Franklin stove. That’s been my latest DIY project. 

After researching and checking out Regenia Myers’ painted fireplace, I decided I could do it too. Regenia graciously gave me the remaining paint from her Brick-Anew kit, which Grandma and I used along with a little of my Elephant Ear paint to bring out shades of gray. It looks fabulous!

So, right now, I’m researching and getting bids on carpet, plantation shutters and sunroom windows. I’m still running around, calling businesses and meeting people at my house to get estimates. Basically, if you ask me about anything renovation related, we can have a full blown conversation. I can answer questions about paint finishes, types of carpet padding, etc. Better ask me now though before I forget!

Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.