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Livin' La Vida Lacy - Home remodeling taking shape

Y’all, it’s all happening. In my last reno update, I was scrabbling around getting bids, researching and deliberating. Well, decisions have been made and here’s where we’re at.

The den now has carpet on the floor and stair steps and boy, what a difference it’s made! After receiving four separate bids, we went with Redmon's for Mohawk carpet. I chose a tonal pattern in steel shadow for its stain resistance and durability without sacrificing the softness. Its Reed Tucker (my brother-in-law) tested and approved. 

After nearly a year of living in a see-through house (no curtains, no blinds, nothing), we had our white plantation shutters installed. To me, shutters add that classic charm to every room. The best part – it’s easy to protect our privacy and control the amount of sunlight that enters our home. It’s also nice not to have to worry about putting up any window treatments.

In the beginning, I toyed with the idea of converting the screened-in porch at the back of our house into a sunroom. Well, that’s becoming a reality. After picking up casement windows from McMinnville Aluminum & Vinyl, Hugh installed those last week. Meanwhile, Darrell Moore is working on our custom storm door due to its wonky sizing. 

Speaking of sunroom, to lighten it up, Grandma and I painted the rafters white and whitewashed the brick walls. For those wondering, it’s pretty easy. Just moisten the brick and brush on thinned paint. For me, I prefer a medium coat that way some of the original brick color bleeds through to show variation. After it dried, I went over the grout lines. The results aren’t too shabby if I say so myself!

Honestly, I’ve had a great first-time renovating experience and I’m elated to be wrapping up the finishing touches on the interior. I’m itching (and somewhat dreading) getting my hands on everything in our storage units. (Primarily, my stove, washer and dryer.) 

Once the weather dries up, we’ve got some plans for the exterior of our home too. For starters, I’m going to freshen up the paint. I’m also going to add four new outdoor shutters with “S” holdbacks and decorative hinges. 

As for the landscaping, I’m still brainstorming for the front of our home. We may pull up and replace some bushes. It’s not exactly my area of expertise, but fortunately, I know some people. Plus, we live in the “Nursery Capital of the World”, right?

The back of my home definitely needs some TLC in several areas. The rose bush needs trimming and Ross and I have no intention of replanting Man’s garden. I’m thrilled to have such a sizable back yard though. I’m also ready to tidy up the carport so we can actually park underneath it.

Oh, and I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Most everyone we have worked with have been great at communicating and coming up with solutions to unexpected problems, especially Hugh. To all involved, thanks a million!

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