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Livin' da Vida Lacy - Direct sales are a dud with me

When we moved to Cookeville, I was bombarded by people in direct sales. Apparently, Cookeville is the mecca for this business model and I didn’t get the memo. It’s especially difficult when you’re trying to get acquainted with a new place and people. I’d be in the middle of a friendly conversation with someone new when suddenly they were trying to get me to join their “team” to earn money and enjoy their amazing products.

I couldn’t even accept a simple compliment without someone trying to get me to buy, then sell these inner and outer beauty products. Here’s a look at the top five that I was approached by on the regular: Zija, Plexus, Beauty Counter, Mary Kay and Rodan Fields. These are just a few from a condensed list of multilevel marketing companies I’ve learned about.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m completely on board with women (and men) supplementing their income by selling products they enjoy. In fact, I’ve tried several from the list above. As a consumer, I appreciate buying certain products from women I know and like. I’m all about women supporting women and shopping local when I can. 

Still, I have a few complaints.

First, yes, your personal Facebook page is yours to do with as you please, but I will hide you if you post incessantly and solely about your direct sales company. For me, I’d prefer to follow your business page if I’m interested in your products.

Secondly, don’t contact me out of nowhere, misspell my name and proceed to send me numerous generic messages.
For example, this is a private message I received last December:

Plexus Rep: "Hey! Happy December! Hope your doing well! I know this might seem strange hearing from me out of the blue, but I can't shake the feeling I need to tell you about this. curious if I have peaked your interest with any of my Plexus posts? The products have been so amazing for me and my family and I would really love to share them with you."

Me: No response.

Plexus Rep: "Hey!! Happy New Year!! Not sure if you seen any of my plexus posts or if i caught you at a bad time, but I would love to share what it's done for me if you got a couple minutes?"

Me: No response.

Plexus Rep: "Hey Lacey! I'm just curious ... have ever tried plexus? No pressure, I'd just love to hear your thoughts!"

Plexus people, before you call me up defending this rep, let me inform you that I’ve tried the triplex combo. I actually sought an acquaintance through social media, without any pushing on her part, to test it out.

In my opinion, there is simply a wrong and a right way to do direct marketing. I typically do my own research and ask around before I shell out my hard-earned cash. Chances are, if you send me any form of written communication loaded with grammatical errors. As a writer, I’ll be offended and turned off regardless of the quality of your product.

Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.