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Letter to the Editor 9-8
Unwanted pets a problem to address
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Designating September as spay/neuter month in Warren County is a step in the right direction and HAWC, as well as the county officials, should be applauded. 
Until the South gets the pet overpopulation problem under control, every day should be spay/neuter day.
For citizens of Warren and the six surrounding counties, there are zero reasons to have an unaltered pet. Saying the cost is too high is not an excuse because Pauls spay/neuter clinic in Warren County will fix pets for low-income individuals for $20 to $25. For individuals caring for multiple pets, we reduce the cost even further. 
We are constantly working to secure grants to help anyone who can't afford to pay for the procedure. If you are not low-income, you can still use our clinic. Our prices are $60 for a female dog, $50 for a male dog or a female cat and $40 for a male cat.
Pauls Clinic has sterilized 8,785 pets since our clinic opened. We have an excellent veterinarian, Dr. Christy Ellis, who is the supervising vet at Animal Medical Center (a 24-hour emergency clinic) in Murfreesboro. She has over 20 years of veterinary experience with much of that being spay/neuter surgeries.
Pauls Clinic would like to help promote September as spay/neuter month so we are offering to fix pets from low-income households ($35,000 or less per household) for $10 a pet.  Anyone feeding colonies of cats, contact us about fixing all the cats for free. Depending on the volume of surgeries, we may not be able to schedule all the pets during the month of September, but if the appointment is made during the month of September, we will do the surgeries over the next two or three months at the rates quoted.
To schedule an appointment, call 931-668-2702. This offer is for low-income residents of Cannon, Coffee, DeKalb, Grundy, Van Buren, Warren, and White counties. As a pet owner, if you are not part of the solution to the pet overpopulation problem, you very well may be part of the cause. Do the humane thing and get your pets fixed before those unwanted litters arrive.

Villa Mitchell
Pauls Clinic founder
Airport Road