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Letter to the Editor 7-28
All these cats may be helping rat problem
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Your article last week on the 116 cats at Animal Control got me thinking about summer and cats.
I have one cat who wouldn't dream of venturing outdoors. Then there is my neutered male cat who believes he is the greatest killer who ever prowled a backyard.
After practically decimating my yard of baby birds (horror to a bird lover like me!) he moved on to snake killing. Then it was large insects (think June bugs, katydids, walking sticks), and at long last a baby rat. Good cat!
About three weeks ago, on a Saturday night, he stayed out all night, which is rare for a cat who usually has a self-imposed curfew of 10 p.m. Sunday morning, I found his gift of a dead rat the size of a guinea pig lying on my back porch steps. Very good cat!
Twenty feet further out in the yard was the second half of the unfortunate couple -- also very dead.
We used to see rats in the day time here in town a few years back. It occurred to me that we still have rats, but so many feral cats hereabouts must be keeping them in check.
We need to remind people rats and other vermin thrive on dry dog and cat food. If you are feeding homeless cats on your porch, bless you. Bring any uneaten dog or cat food into your house each night or toss it into the garbage can.
If you think cats multiply quickly, you should also read up on how fast rats, mice, and roaches can multiply -- shocking!

Kathy Ready
Virginia Street