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Letter to the Editor 6-7
You wouldn't throw dead puppies on ice
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I’m as thrilled as any other Tennessean that the Predators are in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time, but I’m also as upset as any other compassionate person that some misguided people are choosing to celebrate this historic success by throwing dead catfish onto the ice.
Fish are smart, interesting animals. Researchers have documented that fish can use tools, communicate with “sign language,” build nests, create art, and have impressive long-term memories and sophisticated social structures.
Catfish have been observed “gluing” their eggs to leaves and small rocks so that they can carry the precious cargo to safety.
Throwing the bodies of catfish onto the ice during a hockey game is callous and disrespectful. Imagine the outrage if fans threw dead puppies onto the ice. They would be slapped with cruelty charges, not get a proclamation from a state representative.
 Let’s not detract from the Predators’ amazing achievement by bringing cruelty to animals into the arena.
Patti Tillotson

Gay Street