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Letter to the Editor 3-3
Civic Center project needs an indoor pool
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I, along with many other concerned residents, have attended several McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings to point out the need for an indoor pool at the Civic Center complex.
Tuesday night we were present when the renovation and expansion plans were presented. I realize the need of renovations that will make the building ADA compliant. However, of the $6 million price tag, that comprises a very small portion.
I also see the need of other renovations such as new floors, windows, paint and bathrooms.
But, my biggest concerns are the expansion part of the plan. I have yet to see any statistics on the need to increase the aerobic area, wellness center, and other areas. I also object to my tax dollars being used for a kids room that is not even visible to the aerobic area.
Does that make sense? Who's going to be watching the kids? Are they going to sit with their noses in an electronic device?
Wouldn't an indoor pool make more sense? An indoor pool would make it possible for the whole family to engage in physical activity and have fun. Don't the kids of McMinnville deserve a place to go in the long, winter months for exercise and fun? This whole expansion creation is "for adults only." Our kids are the future of our city.
The city should ax the current design and give McMinnville something new, exciting and family oriented like an indoor pool.

Phyllis Hillis
Moss Drive