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Letter to the Editor 3-25
Wow, we get a whole 10 minutes to speak
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I would like to take this opportunity to my express my humble gratitude to Mr. Terry Bell and the other 16 county commissioners for giving the citizens of Warren County a whole 10 minutes to speak or make any kind of comment in the forthcoming meetings.
This, in my opinion, is a very “let them eat cake” moment for all of the Warren County peasants.  Maybe we should send them all a fruit basket, or 20 percent of our harvest, maybe even a virgin sacrifice, to show our appreciation to the gods of our community. They all must be in a hurry to get somewhere.
Ten minutes would be the approximate time to get up from your seat during a commissioners meeting, walk down the hall to the restroom, use the facilities, get a drink from the water fountain, and then return to your seat. This is the same amount of time allotted to our citizens to express their concerns or comment on issues.
Why is the 30 minutes Mrs. Carlene Brown suggested too much? Can the county commissioners not get a DVR to keep from missing their favorite shows? If you are too busy to spend a half hour listening to the people you represent, then you are too busy to be in public service.
This resolution was merely a tactic to keep the peace and appease the masses. A no vote would have caused more trouble than even Commissioner Michael Martin could have laughed off.
Perhaps a reminder is needed to inform these commissioners they are not only elected officials, but paid elected officials. Perhaps Herschel Wells, County Executive, could inform the community as to what an extra 30 minutes per month would cost the taxpayer?
It seems as though some members of our community have forgotten that not only are our elected officials obligated to represent the people, it is their due diligence to listen to those they represent. You cannot be a voice for the people if you do not listen to the voice of the people.
I would like to give a special thank you to Commissioner Shane Wilcher and the other commissioners who voted to give the people of Warren County more of the voice they are entitled to.
Jason R. Hillis
Westview Street