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Letter to the Editor:
Billy Earl Jones a man who will be missed
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This is on the passing of Warren County Commissioner Billy Earl Jones. 
I just visited him on Saturday and had no doubt I would see him again at a committee meeting or full commission meeting. I didn't know him for long so I don't have many memories to share, but I will share the first I remember. 
It was an argument.  Perhaps that is too dramatic.  A discussion on the "water heater tax" (as I called it) in the summer of 2014. I was campaigning across from Hardee's one Saturday morning, my water-heater-adorned Chevy HHR sticking out like a sore thumb. 
Up walks this curly, white-headed gentleman coming from Tire Mart. He proceeded to tell me how I had it all wrong. I proceeded to tell him how he had it all wrong. After a good 15 minutes, neither of us had changed our minds, and we parted ... peacefully. 
It was one of the, if not best, disagreements I've ever had with another. Tempered and gentle, that's what I took away from the last year.  We disagreed, I'm sure on a great deal more than the water heater issue, but that was OK. 
He represented his people and I represented mine.  And in the end, life carried on. No one is promised that next moment and I imagine Billy Earl would want us all to think on that. Cherish the time you have been given, don't bend just to suit others, but in the end accept the differences in each other and part friends or respectful of one another. 
Billy Earl Jones will be missed and I pray his family has peace and good memories to comfort them as they transition.  
Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher
Greenwood Drive